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2022 Recruitment trends


Q1 – 2022

Our 2022 recruitment concentration is focused on critical infrastructure. While government and industry leaders decide what is and what is not critical infrastructure, we are proceeding with our definition – cyber, space and oem manufacturing, engineering services, our niche for the last seven years.

With Orbital debris and Commercial Space Projects in their infancy, broadening our professional network, reading, listening and anticipating what foundation of work, academic prowess and fundamental understanding will be necessary for the next decade is an exciting recruitment endeavor. As the year progresses we will post and reference articles of interest on our company LinkedIn page.

Engineering Services forecast is stagnant. Now more than ever our contractor call back program makes sense. Supply Chain shortages in materials such as lumber, paint / coatings, aluminum, steel, cement combined with sluggish legislation and rising minimum wage will make this vertical for our prospective clients a challenge. With that said, our foundation of understanding commercial, residential, institutional and infrastructure buildouts is strong. We are Sam registered.

Manufacturing in the United States and in Mexico is capitalizing on the international supply chain issues from small privately held companies to large publicly owned plants, but OEM manufacturers in particular will see a robust year. Now more than ever quality and process control, CNC and mechanical, electrical and maintenance technicians are in high demand once again. ShopFloor to BoardRoom door contract and direct hire recruitment is and has been our most profitable vertical..

Tax Credit & Incentives and Cost Segregation network partners are always on our radar. Providing our clients with well established practices is an add on service we provide. Our practice also includes the recruitment of BIG 4 tax professionals who have newly discovered their can be work / life balance. We are also having conversations with BIG 4 partners who are retiring soon but will be available on a consultative basis once they settle into retirement.